Our School

school building

Park Elementary was constructed in 1952 and sits in the beautiful old Harmon Park, with its lavish flower beds, waterfalls and rock gardens built by the WPA.

Park is a school that values strong academic achievement, as well as a supportive and caring learning environment. It is proud of its many partnerships including those with the University of Nebraska Kearney and the city of Kearney.  The staff is experienced and highly educated and each adult takes a personal interest in our students and care about each child's academic and socio-emotional progress.  

In addition to a solid academic base of Language Arts (Reading, Writing, English, Spelling and Handwriting), Math, Science and Social Studies, we offer weekly Music, Physical Education, Art, Technology & Library, and Guidance instruction. We also support high ability learners and students with special needs. We have an after school program called KCLC (Kearney Community Learning Center) that provides students with homework support, extra-curricular activities, and clubs. 

Park students have the opportunity to develop awareness of career readiness through the Junior Achievement Program in all grade levels. We also have an school youth leadership program titled P.A.R.K. (Park Ambassadors for Respect, Responsibility and Kindness) made up of fifth grade students with a heart for learning about becoming leaders. Our third grade classes lead our recycling efforts building-wide, our fourth graders volunteer in our cafeteria, and our fifth graders can also lead through Safety Patrol.

With an active Parent-Teacher Organization, Park invites parents to get involved in their child's education.  Another way we encourage parents to become involved is through our Parents on Patrol program. These parents or guardians sign up to supervise our main entrance as students arrive in the morning. The commitment time is small (15-20 minutes a morning) and flexible as volunteers have the option to sign up for one morning or multiple mornings throughout the year!

Park's students perform well on standardized assessments, but we firmly believe that we exist for the purpose of preparing our students to be successful in life. So our focus, while helping each student show great progress, is on developing the WHOLE CHILD.