Julia Bott » Welcome!


Hi, I am Julia Bott.  I have had the honor of working for Kearney Public Schools since 2019 as a school counselor.  It’s hard to believe that I have been an educator for sixteen years.  

Currently, I work full-time at Windy Hills and Park Elementary and I love every minute of it!  I love my students, parents, and the awesome staff we have at both Windy Hills and Park. 

Windy Hills and Park are my “second” families that I hold close to my heart.  We all take care of each other, we have our own little villages.  My first family consists of my husband, Jason and my daughter, Paisley. 


Here are some things that will help you get to know me even better!


*I love COFFEE!  The students even tease me about it.

*I absolutely LOVE anything with polka dots!!

*I also love sweets and peanut butter M&M’s are my favorite!

*I love being with my family and doing things with my family.

*I used to crochet until I became a mom, now it’s hard to take time for    

  that, our little one never sits still!

*I have 3 other siblings – 1 brother and 2 sisters, I am the youngest- 

  that’s why I love being a jokester.

*I love being a school counselor and love connecting with all the    

  students and their families.


I am here to help students, staff, and all of my families at Windy Hills and Park when they have a need.  I love being a helper for any situation that may arise and will always do my best to be supportive!  I’m blessed to be at both Windy Hills and Park.  They are both great schools!  It is my goal every year to work hard getting to know every family who comes to Windy Hills and Park.   I will help you the best I know how! 


Mrs. Julia Bott
Park Elementary
(308) 698-8280
Windy Hills Elementary
(308) 698-8220