Summer Reading!

With Summer Vacation right around the corner, many of our families are probably making plans for their child while they are out of school. One important thing that should be on everyone's "Summer To-Do List" is reading. Below is a list of fun ideas and tips to use at home to help make summer reading even more fun!
1. Read aloud together with your child as often as you can!
-Find fun or different places to read together. You might sit on the front step, back patio, take a book to the park, or find a nice shady tree in your neighborhood. Take turns reading aloud with your child, having them read to you, too. 
2. Be a good reading role model!
-Let your kids see you reading. Whether it's a book, magazine, or a newspaper, it's important for your child to know that you see the value in reading.
3. Talk about your reading!
-Grab two copies of the same book for your and your child to read. When you're both finished with a chapter or the book, discuss it together. Talk about the characters and how the story's events affected them, talk about the different places in the book, the theme, how it made you feel, and any connections to other books/movies/real-life events that you may have thought of. *This works great with movies and TV shows, too!
4. Let your kids pick the books they want to read! 
-Whether it's a book or magazine, fiction or nonfiction, chapter book or picture book, let your child pick what they're interested in.
5. Visit our Kearney Public Library!
-Library cards are free to patrons, so visit our library and check out some books. The library also has a ton of fun and exciting summer events that you can sign up for on their website. Crafting, story time, and more!
6. Subscribe to magazines in your child's name!
-Sports Illustrated for Kids, Highlights for Children, National Geographic World, Zoo Books, and more all make great options for kids to read. Plus, kids love getting mail with their name on it!
These are just a handful of the many summer reading tips that are out there! Check out the thousands of articles online, Pinterest, or visit with our Kearney Public Library staff for more ideas!