April Panthers of the Month!

Congratulations to April's "Panthers of the Month" recipients! Pictured are Bristol Lynn (2nd Grade), Gavin Weber (5th Grade), and Keelie Helmick (4th Grade) The staff members who nominated Briston, Keelie, and Gavin said...

"Bristol goes above and beyond to be helpful to her friends and teachers. She always thinks of others and does what it takes to help them be successful! We are very lucky to have her at Park Elementary!"

"Keelie deserves to be the Panther of the Month because she is always happy, never complains, and just does what she is asked. She is an amazing friend to others and is always willing to help out. Keelie also gets good grades and has great study habits. She is responsible, has integrity, and I know I can always count on her!"
"What an honor it is for me to nominate Gavin Weber for the Panther of the Month! I have truly enjoyed watching this student use his many talents to develop and grow into this delightful, hardworking, and dedicated young man. Gavin has shown a great amount of growth in all academic areas and has showcased his leadership skills in both the classroom and at various events at Park. We have enjoyed his focused questions, kind heart, and of course his awesome sense of humor. Thank you, Gavin, for making this such a wonderful year!"

Each month at Park, we highlight students who go above and beyond to show kindness, responsibility, respect, and safety! Students can also be nominated by showing integrity, speaking with good purpose, being committed to doing their best, and more! Each month's recipients will receive a "BeKind" yard sign to display at home, have their picture on our Park webpage, and join Mr. Waggoner for "Pizza with the Principal!" We are proud to be Panthers!
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