News From the Art Room!

What a fun month we are having in the art room! Our third and fifth graders have just begun their Fibers projects. Third graders are learning sewing skills by creating a stitched bookmark, and fifth graders have started creating the most popular project of the year, their stuffed plushies! Kindergarten and fourth grade are doing painting projects, with Kindergarten focusing on brush skills and reviewing shapes, and 4th grade is doing a non-objective painting in a monochromatic color scheme! (Ask your 4th grader what those words mean!) First grade has been working on collages of their own design, and will get to do a clay project next! Last but not least, our second graders are doing some printmaking with patterns! If you are a Facebook user, please send a friend request to "Mrs Richmond ArtTeacher" to be added to the art room Facebook page and keep up on what we are doing in the art room! 
-Mrs. Richmond, Elementary Art Specialist